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Hand knitted un-dyed wool which can be worn as a top, scarf or hoody. Comes with a ribbon that can be used as a belt or lace and a wool comb; inside an cotton tote bag.
  • Hand Knitted.
  • Seamless knit with curled edges.
  • Including instructions/ inspirations on how to wear.
  • 50% Baby Alpaca & 50% Merino wool.
  • Hand wash. Dry Flat.
  • Wool from Peru, Hand knitted in the Netherlands.

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Alpaca Wool

This fine natural fiber requires care and attention but will reward you with warmth for a long time. Alpaca fiber is a creation of nature, renewable, ethical and biodegradable. Our yarn is spun from 3 strands with an extra twist to provide a durable surface, and we only use natural un-dyed colour shades. We work with Alpaca yarn from Michell, they work harmoniously with nature, the environment and with the upmost respect for the local population. 

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