Eco-friendly Packaging and Tags

Labels & Tags

To further the life of Elementum clothes it is essential to give information on how to wear our multifunctional garments. When you have a multi-functional item, you can wear it on different occasions and dress it up in different ways, for example, tied at the back or front, etc.  We created a Q&R Code for each design. This code is printed on a paper tag and links to a video on “How to wear” and “Where was made”. We are working on this aspect to increase the level of traceability in terms of fiber production. 

Because not every person as access to this digital information, we still feel the need to use images on our paper tags. However we design this paper tags also in a multifunctional way. Our paper tags are trans-seasonal and are also used as catalogues avoiding extra printing or accumulation of materials.


Our fabric labels are hand made in our studio with transfer paper printed on a eco cartridge free printer.  We only make the necessary required amount of labels. Our labels are made from small scraps of fabric waste from our knitting process. Each piece comes with a re-purpose fabric ribbon, also made from fabric waste from knitting process, that can be used to style the garments amplifying its multi-functionality.



At Elementum we use recycled boxes and paper to wrap our clothing in prior to shipment. We re-use our cardboard boxes for multiple shipments and use only recycled paper tape. When strictly necessary we use biodegradable plastic bags (when composted will biodegrade within 12-24 months) to ship our garments to our customers. 


If you still have questions about our Eco-friendly Packaging and Tags email us at we will be happy to share more information with you.