Our Commitment

Elementum makes sustainability a priority in every decision that it makes. With every stage of design and manufacturing and with all actions and activities, sustainability is always considered. In fact, Daniela Pais´s, the founder of Elementum COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY is the reason she established Elementum as a brand in 2008.

Since its origin, Elementum and Daniela Pais have been COMMITTED TO PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT and ensuring a ZERO WASTE direction.


Elementum follows many sustainable practices, but gives a priority to 8 specific SUSTAINABLE PRINCIPLES in Fashion:


• Designing MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND TIMELESS CLOTHES to stimulate LONG LASTING PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE and empower relationships between clothes and the people that wear and care for them so that they will ENJOY THEIR CLOTHES LONGER.


• Treasuring the value of materials to its fullest – ZERO WASTE, MAXIMUM USE, MONOCYCLE allowing good recyclability (up-cycling instead of down-cycling) ;


• Choosing LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT PLANT BASED MATERIALS;  the only exception being the use of alpaca wool in about 2% of its collection that comprises the warmest winter pieces.


• Ensuring FAIR PRODUCTION AND WAGES and the SOCIAL AND ETHICAL TREATMENT of those who make Elementum’s clothes;


• Stimulating SLOW FASHION and the WELLBEING of those who wear and use Elementum’s clothes by designing clothes that are transformable according to the user and provoke and give rise to self-exploration;


• Choosing LOCAL PRODUCTION – to allow easier access to suppliers, ensure transparent relationships and reduce our carbon emissions throughout the supply chain;


COMPENSATING CARBON EMISSIONS when transporting our garments to our customers. Elementum achieves that by utilising transportation services that purchase carbon credits from verified and high quality projects, thereby neutralising the shipment’s CO2 emissions for each shipment we make. We also choose suppliers that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint.


• Ongoing TRAINING, education and research to constantly re-evaluate results and emerging concepts in order to better apply sustainable principles and improve ongoing company commitments.



Sustainability Designate

Sustainability lives in the heart of everything Elementum creates. We truly understand its complexity. Because of this, we realize that sometimes we need to rely on other’s expertise, knowledge and guidance. Last year we decided to work with a third part to help us improve our sustainability commitments including, but not limited to: internal and external procedures, documentation and communication.

Elementum has an internal designate, Daniela Pais Luxembourg, but also has drawn upon the expertise of a third party, Moda Circolare, a sustainable fashion consulting agency. Know more about Moda Circulare: www.modacircolare.com


Why Elementum? Discover our purpose, mission and vision here.

If you want to know more about our commitment email us at contact@elementum.store we will be happy to share more  information with you.