Our Story

Today a shirt, tomorrow a dress.

Creating beautiful clothes should not be at the expense of our future. In 2008, Daniela Pais founded Elementum with the vision to change the way we make and wear clothes.

Elementum is a sustainable fashion brand which is build on: Zero Waste, using natural materials, and being made in Europe. With designs that are timeless and multi-functional Elementum offers a range of expression and identity that fits the fast changing contexts of today’s fashion.

Elementum believes we wear our clothes and not the clothes wear us. We offer clothes to inspire you and enrich your day, to give you space for self-expression. You decide how to put them on, either as a scarf, shirt or dress.

Our Production

Minumum cuts. Maximum use.

Our production is built around principles of Zero Waste. While making our clothes we do not create waste: there is no cut off material and we produce without stitches, zippers, or buttons.
In conventional tailoring, fabrics are manufactured in a square shape, then cut into round forms and sewn together. Producing in this way leads to leftovers of valuable resources. At Elementum, we make use of the complete textile
and incorporate minimum cuts in the fabric so that we can provide you with maximum use for your clothes.

Our production is fair and close to home. Elementum is based in Portugal and The Netherlands, where we also do most of our production and manufacturing. Our production chain is highly simplified. We focus on positive collaborations with our suppliers and keep the process close to us. Working with family businesses for our knits to hand printing our design in the studio.

We share with you, the luxury of having things made from the heart.

Our Materials

Natural and Refined.

For our clothes, we use only natural materials such as organic cotton (GOTS certified), linen and reused cotton.
For our prints, we work exclusively with natural pigments.
For our woolen knits we choose un-dyed baby alpaca and merino wool from Peru.
By choosing for wool un-dyed, the color you wear is the real and natural hair shade of the animal it came from.
For you, we produce long lasting fashion.
We work with high-quality materials that offer a lasting good fit and beautiful appearance.

Elementum multifunctional shirt knits

Our Product

Luxury is to have simple things.

Our knitwear is timeless, multi-functional, seamless, and fluid.
Our designs offer a wide range items: tops, dresses, tunics, vests, and scarfs, and adapts to you along your daily dressing rituals.
We add to each of our items a Q&R code that leads to a video on how you could wear your Elementum today.
We invite you to explore the way you dress.
Elementum collections are cross-seasonal and are available for women and kids.