Our Vision

Our Purpose

Elementum started as my reaction to the magnitude of waste that was being created from a culture of mass production and  consumption of clothing. Through my research as a Design student in 2006 and 2007 I realised.

For my graduation and believing that positive change is within my reach, I designed a collection of clothes that would REDUCE THE PRODUCTION WASTE and also EXPAND THE LIFE CYCLE of clothes, making clothes that are MEANINGFUL and ADAPTIVE in many contexts.


In a way, Elementum's purpose is to POWER POSITIVE CHANGE. Change is a constant that we are all part of and that we are all contributing to. Everything is always in motion; nothing is permanent, particularly with clothes and fashion which can be very fast, but can also be SLOW.

I created Elementum, so that you could buy less clothes but have MORE OPPORTUNITIES to explore the ways you like to dress and the ways you EXPRESS YOURSELF through time and fashion.

With Elementum I want to power a positive motion, a positive change, by designing clothes that move with you and CHANGE WITH YOU.

And most importantly, clothes that cater to your personal WELLBEING, and the wellbeing of the ENVIRONMENT we all live in.



Featured in : Moda ética para um futuro sustentável, Elena Salcedo. GG Moda Editions 2014.& A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion, Alison Gwilt. 2014.

Elementum concept video. from Elementum on Vimeo.


Our Mission

In Elementum we apply SUSTAINABLE PRINCIPLES in Fashion and we do so ETHICALLY. We believe that sustainability is not about making products, but is about BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. We design relationships that care for the impact of the materials we use, that care for the people who make our clothes, that care for you and those who will wear and enjoy the clothes we make.

Ultimately, we design clothes that will stay with you for a long stretch of life. We prioritise the quality of the fibers and the creation process according to our sustainable and ethical goals. And more importantly, we design our clothes to be made with the minimum of means, AVOIDING WASTE, to be MULTI-FUNCTIONAL and timeless, convertible and/or reversible in the ways you incorporate them into your wardrobe ensembles.

So, with Elementum our aim is that you will make a small step toward living in a healthier planet and enjoy more opportunities to dress differently.

Furthermore, we want people to have fun with fashion, exploring yourself and your identity by being playful with our garments and EMBRACING CHANGE in a more CONSCIOUS WAY.  


Our Vision

At Elementum, we believe that TOGETHER we can regenerate our planet, ourselves and the way we live.

Our vision is to create REGENERATIVE and ZERO WASTE clothing collection, connecting the using to the making, and bringing the users closer to the creation process.

We want to continue DESIGNING MEANINGFUL CLOTHES, CONSCIOUSLY MADE using regenerative materials and Zero waste designs now and into the future.

We want Elementum to be a part of a GROWING COMMUNITY of conscious people that enjoy what they do and what they wear while having a POSITIVE LIVING IMPACT.


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