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Discover varying textures on a selection of fluid and multifunctional knitwear. Made of the Finest Alpaca in un-dyed yarn colours or in Organic cotton in combination with Fine Merino wool. Our knitwear collection is formed by simple embracing shapes with new woollen textures of a soft touch. We focus on tactile qualities in our knitw­ear, on new shapes and new textures. These are timeless, multifunctional, seamless and fluid.


The yarn... 

Certified Organic Cotton

The use of pesticides and fertilisers has made cotton cultivation a major source of agricultural pollution in the world, particularly in developing countries. Organic cotton farming forgoes the use of these toxic chemicals in favor of more ecological methods, including the use of natural predators to control destructive insects and crop rotation to optimize the productivity of farmlands. An added benefit of organic cotton is a more robust fibre, less stressed by chemicals, with a 10-15% greater absorbency rate than conventional cotton and increasing colour intensity.

We focus to have a positive impact on the environment by using organic and natural fibres, combined to compliment their respective ecological benefits.

All processes used to produce our high-quality yarns are fully certified under GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) to ensure no harmful substances have been used and all manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible.

Know more about our organic cotton here.


Merino is a wool that comes from the Merino sheep, an ancient breed that survives harsh winters and warm summers thanks to its cosy fleece. The fibres have a wavelike structure which not only makes them resilient but allows merino garments to hold their shape. These fine fibres mean it is also soft and breathable enough to wear next to the skin. It’s lighter than other wools yet strong and warming. Merino’s thermoregulating properties will help insulate you in colder months and keep you cool in summer.

Alpaca yarn

Alpaca yarn is a sustainable fibre, renewable, ethical and biodegradable. The alpaca fibre is a creation of nature and it is untreated, which means that it is only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dying. This highlights the fibre’s natural properties, while it also provides a better shape and texture quality.

Our Alpaca yarn is spun from 3 strands with an extra twist to provide a durable surface, and it’s available in many natural un-dyed colour shades, from the vibrant to the more subtle. Solid, natural and mixed tones. The last are manufactured by carding the colours together before spinning, which gives it a mix effect.

We work with Alpaca yarn from Michell company,  a leading company and a pioneer in the field of transforming this noble fibre into luxurious yarns. They work harmoniously with nature, the environment and with the upmost respect for the local population. Alpacas have been bred in Latin America since ancient times.The Peruvian Highlands started out as a source of fibre for Michell but it also quickly became the source of inspiration.

Alpaca is a soft, silky and durable fibre with unique thermal properties due to microscopic air bubbles found inside the hair. These bubbles allow the user to “breathe” through the fibres on hot days and in much the same way, to retain body heat in cold climates. It is also elastic and not flammable.

This fibre is a natural hair made of protein and, as such, is naturally biodegradable when disposed and blends back into the earth within a relatively short period of time. In contrast, synthetic and other man-made fibres take a very long time to degrade.

Know more about our alpaca wool here.

All the yarns we use are made with biodegradable materials. 

Did you know?

Our first Elementum prototypes back in 2007 were developed at the Textile Museum in Tilburg ...and inspiring creative atmosphere.... a museum with a lot of history but where machines are still working and being the incubator/stage/birthplace for many innovative projects. 


Some of our knitted pieces are made in the Netherlands, once a rich country in the wool industry but nowadays there are only four factories left.

Our woollen and knitted pieces are made in the Netherlands. For us, at Elementum, it is very important to keep the production process clear and fair, from the very beginning until our clothes get to you.  We are proud to work with small businesses and we'll keep it that way.

Knitting Factory

Our previous and first production knitter was De Breierij, located in Beneden-Leeuwen, the Netherlands.

Nowadays, we work with Knit-it, knitting factory established in 1999 and is located in Lichtenvoorde, the east of the Netherlands. They are specialise in the production of seamless knitted garments with a high degree of comfort and produce almost ready-to-wear items using 3D knitting machines. These machines simplify production by allowing you to knit, shape and connect pieces with only one machine within a single process. By using STOLL-knit machines technology, the result: a first-class seamless knitted garment with a high degree of comfort almost ready-to-wear. Boost your creativity with coarse and fine knit and wear the garment in all sizes.

The owner of Knit-it is Rudi, is our knitter. He is very curious and loves to develop new designs...the perfect partner... 


Find out about our animal welfare policy here.

Elementum pieces are designed as relationships. It is important to share with you all the connections they have, so that your relationship with your Elementum pieces will be as positive, slow, enjoyable and meaningful as it can be.

If you want to know more about our production email us at we will be happy to share more information with you.