Low impact non-toxic dyes

The fabrics we use have certification from our suppliers with OEKO-TEX® ensuring the Non-use of Toxic Dyes and respecting the Restricted Chemical Substance List. Our main fabric suppliers are also certified STeP by OEKO-TEX® - Sustainable Textile Production certification, which confirms the permanent implementation of environmental-friendly production processes and safe, healthy and socially acceptable working conditions.



When designing Elementum collections we choose long term colors but for some of our jersey knits (about 10% of the collection) we offer a small range of new seasonal colors. For this we utilize a Portuguese company called Class Wash for dying new particular colors. This process in done by garment according to the demand and therefore avoiding over production.

Know more about our Garment-dyer here. 


100% natural prints

For all Elementum prints we only use 100% natural inks from Livos. This textile printing ink contains mineral pigments and exclusively renewable raw materials. The inks are free of heavy metals. After printing, we can simply use sunlight to dry and affix the colors on fabrics avoiding the use of any extra heating or dying equipment. This also helps to reduce our carbon and energy use footprints. We do all of our screen printing by hand and not machine. This ensures a high-quality screen print, and also drastically cuts down on the amount of electricity used and CO2 emissions. We truly believe in contributing to a better planet through these sustainable methods, and is a pleasure to work so closely with nature. 

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If you still have questions about our Low impact non-toxic dyes email us at contact@elementum.store we will be happy to share more information with you.