Our Suppliers: Recycled Buttons




is our Button maker in Louro, Portugal.  

Beyond adapting to the increasing market demands, Louropel has developed a unique patented production cycle of eco-friendly product named "Ecological biodegradable buttons" composed by natural materials. 

Elementum uses recycled buttons from Louropel that are made from corozo, cotton, recycled paper, semolina, vegetables, fruit and wood.






Location:  Louro, Portugal

Products/ Services : Garment accessories ( Buttons, buckles, etc) & Raw Materials for Buttons 

Capacity : 14 Millions pieces/day

Experience : 55 years

Family run : Yes

Employees : 185

Employees Benefits : Confidential

Certifications : Confidence in textiles Tested for harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 4018CIT/ 543 by Citeve.


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