Re-Use of Materials and surplus fabrics

Re-Use (Up-cycling) 

At Elementum nothing is considered a waste. We try and see the value in everything. With the minimal waste that is occasionally created, we create and design new products. For example our NANO collection of hand knitted necklaces is made from dying and knitting faults/mistakes. Another example is our QUINTO scarfs made from silk printed tryouts and mistakes. As we treasure our resources our aim is to keep the material quality and avoid down-cycling the materials

See more about our up-cycling accessories here.


Surplus (Deadstock)

Surplus is simply a fabric that has been sitting around as a leftover from fashion brands or textile mills. And so one of the main aspects making it sustainable is that when used it has been repurposed instead of thrown away and ending up as a waste in a landfill. So using it prevents further unnecessary waste.

On a short term Surplus also saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint by making further fabric production needless. However on a long term we know is a cycle based on overproduction that should not exist, therefore Elementum limits the use of surpluses to about 10% of its collections. We prefer to invest on fabrics that are made sustainably from its origin and contribute on a long term to a conscious living. Furthermore Elementum uses fabric SURPLUSES from Portuguese factories only, and exclusively from plant- based fibers.

Elementum uses recycled buttons from Louropel that are made from corozo, cotton, recycled paper, semolina, vegetables, fruit and wood. Know more about our buttons here. 


If you still have questions about our Re-Use of Materials and surplus fabrics email us at we will be happy to share more information with you.