Capsule Wardrobe: a curated & efficient closet

As the seasons change there’s an increasing tendency for people to curate and organise their closets - a wardrobe spring clean. If you’re one of those people, opting for a capsule wardrobe could be a good, time-effective choice.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe? 

A capsule wardrobe is a curated set of clothing, shoes and accessories that are easily mixed and matched together. It’s about editing down your closet to your favourite pieces and combining them in multiple ways. 

The focus is on quality over quantity. Timeless, basic pieces with primarily neutral clothes.

A capsule wardrobe should contain from 15 to 50 pieces, depending on if they are seasonal wardrobes or not.


How to build a Capsule Wardrobe? 

When building your own capsule wardrobe, you are not starting from scratch! You’ll be using the pieces you already own and love from your closet. Here’s a rundown of the steps to create your perfect capsule wardrobe.

  • Go through your closet piece by piece
  • Analyse each item individually. How often do you wear them? Do they still fit you? Are they damaged, and if so, can you find a way to repair them? Are they appropriate for the current season? Would they be a good match for your capsule wardrobe? 

  • Analyse your style
  • Now it’s time to understand which pieces and colours would make the most sense in your capsule wardrobe. What are your favourite types of tops and bottoms? Do you usually wear dresses? What’s the colour scheme of your closet, and which colour do you love to wear? 

  • Plan your wardrobe 
  • After answering the questions above, you’ll find yourself with a portioned version of your closet already. Scan the pieces you’re left with and try to combine them into outfits you’d love to wear. Concentrate on basics and highlight good quality pieces. Avoid trendy pieces that you know you’ll not wear in years to come. 

    Find your favourite combinations and you’ll find your capsule wardrobe! 

    Why opt for a capsule wardrobe? 

    Having a capsule wardrobe means less clothes to take care of, less laundry and less ironing, and more time to enjoy! You won’t feel as stressed or have decision fatigue because you have fewer pieces to choose from. Plus, if you love travelling, you’ll save lots of time packing! 

    You’ll also save money by investing in good quality clothes and save the planet by using fewer resources.

    Elementum = multifunctionality = capsule wardrobe

    Our pieces are an essential element for a curated and efficient wardrobe due to their multifunctionality. Imagine you have one piece that not only can it be worn in at least four ways, but you can also combine it differently with your own style and expression. 

    Elementum pieces have timeless designs and colours, plus they can change and adapt to you! We choose colours that are macro trends, meaning they will last for many years and you won’t get tired of them; our styles are fluid and roomy to easily adapt to different body types, and they often have ribbons or ways to wrap around in order to adjust the silhouette; and of course, our materials are carefully selected to have a long-lasting life-expectancy. 

    So, when buying Elementum you’re investing in fewer pieces but having more with added value.

    We’ve pinpointed some timeless Elementum designs to inspire your capsule wardrobe - check our Instagram !