Meet our Design Studio

Lets start with Daniela...


Portuguese Designer Daniela Pais developed Elementum in 2007 as a part of her MA studies in Humanitarian Design and Sustainable Living at Design Academy Eindhoven. A year later she established her independent sustainable design studio in the Netherlands and founded the brand Elementum. Since 2017, Daniela is based in Portugal where she continues to develop Elementum, teaches in design schools, and consults companies with trend-forecasting and sustainability. 

With her brand Elmentum, Daniela Pais focused on designing for diversity & inclusion and on promoting exploration and active participation for all kinds of body and mind expression. She created Elementum so that you could buy less clothes but have more opportunities to explore your dressing rituals and to express yourself through time. Daniela still enjoys exploring how these opportunities happen and how to develop them further with her designs. She hopes to continue doing what she loves and hopefully make you also fall in love with Elementum clothes. 


Now that you know about Daniela....

Who makes my clothes?

Elementum production is fair and close to home. We are based in Caldas da Rainha - Portugal, where we also do most of our production and manufacturing. Our production chain is highly simplified. We focus on positive collaborations with our suppliers and keep the process close to us. We produce our jersey pieces directly in our studio, our shirts are produced in a small atelier near to our workspace, and our 3D knitwear is made in a family factory in The Netherlands, where we started out in 2008.

Minumum cuts. Maximum use.

All Elementum knitwear is designed to be and produced with ZERO waste methods. In Elementum for every knitwear we make, the total piece of jersey fabric/raw material is fully used. There are no cutoffs from our cutting process. In addition, our all knits are tubular and seamless.

Our production is built around principles of Zero Waste. While making our clothes we do not create waste: there is no cut off material and we produce our knits without stitches, zippers, or buttons.

In conventional tailoring... fabrics are manufactured in a square shape, then cut into round forms and sewn together. Producing in this way leads to leftovers of valuable resources. At Elementum, we make use of the complete textile
and incorporate minimum cuts in the fabric so that we can provide you with maximum use for your clothes.



Many of our jersey knits have handmade prints created and made by us at the studio, check here to know more about the process. 


Elementum applies principles of sustainability in Fashion and does so Ethically. Elementum is both Sustainable and Ethical clothing brand. We believe that sustainability is not about making products, but is about building relationships. With Elementum we design relationships that care for the impact of the materials we use, for the people who make our clothes, for those that will wear, care and enjoy the clothes we make.

Ultimately, our pieces are designed to stay with you for a long stretch of life. That is because of the quality of the fibers and the making process that we choose. More importantly it is also because of our pieces' multi-functionality and timeless, convertible and/or reversible design. This means that with time you will discover a “new” piece hiding in your Elementum piece. In other words, with Elementum you will have less clothes but more opportunities to dress differently. See more about the different ways of wearing/ multi-functionality here.




If you want to know more about our production and the materials we use check here or email us at we will be happy to give you more information.