A Conscious City Guide To Luxemburg City

Multilingual, multicultural, creative and eclectic Luxembourg City is the cliffs capital of Europe. Cut by rivers that are spanned by many bridges and viaducts, the city is perched high on steep cliffs that drop into the narrow valleys of the Alzette and Pétrusse rivers. With contemporary structures running alongside historic monuments, Luxembourg city offers a rich tapestry of contrasts and urban experiences. 

We worked out some recommendations with our retailers in Luxembourg and came up with the following shortlist of useful tips and conscious locations in Luxembourg city that would simplify your stay and help you enjoy your visit.

Happy traveling!


Illustrations Daniela Doe

Looking for restaurants with bio or local food production/ fair trade that both support local supply chains and are environmentally friendly?

Flowers Kitchen, Rawdish, Bloom, Ready?! and Glow are great places to have brunch or breakfast with mostly organic local ingredients and a lot of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu.

As for restaurants we would recommend Beet, Oak, Casa Fabiana and Mesa Verde. Beet is a fully vegan restaurant mostly known for their burgers. Oak is also a vegan restaurant with a great variety of different lunch meals changing very often. Casa Fabiana has many lunch formulas and uses only organic and local ingredients and it is just in front of our shop. Mesa Verde is one of the oldest and most famous vegetarian restaurants in Luxembourg City located in a great area.

Where can you find a bio market with fresh fruits and veggies?

On the Glacis and the Knuedler you can find the best markets, with local producers and fresh fruit/vegetables. You can also look for Naturalia and Mullebutz if its organic supermarkets you need.

Is there a place where usually tourists don’t go, that you would recommend for us to visit?

Luxembourg is not a big city so we’d recommend walking everywhere. You can find many green areas around the city center in the Grund and in the Pétrusse. We also recommend the Parc ‘Dräi Eechelen‘ near the MUDAM museum.

Are there conscious and green shops that I should visit?


This shop was founded by Lyne & Karel Lambert, a couple quite out of the ordinary, both are devoted musicians and parents. When they became parents they decided to open a shop that sells only ethical and responsible apparel. They believe in a philosophy called ethical living which concerns consumerism, sustainability, environmentalism, and so on. This is also how they choose to raise their children, making decisions for daily life that respect the environment and care about their future.

Akabo used to be a traveling shop called Akabobus, with which Lyne & Karl used to travel along with the country and set up shop in festivals and other interesting locations. Unfortunately, when they opened their shop, they sold the bus, so there‘s no Akabobus anymore, only the shop now - Akabobuttek.
The AKABOBUTTEK opened its doors in Autumn 2016, is the first fair fashion store in Luxembourg. From jeans to sneakers, underwear to coats, accessories to jewelry, we have it all! All eco & fair. Of course.

Modu Shop

More or less the same concept as Akabo. Mudo shop is a concept shop where every brand shares a passion for quality and commitment to giving back with every purchase.

Is there sustainable accommodation in the heart of the city? Any Eco hotels/ hostels? Where can you sleep with a clean conscience?

The Luxembourg City Youth Hostel is very nice and has a golden category EcoLabel.

Looking for a coworking space or a quiet place with Wi-Fi where you could work from?

Concerning WORK, there is wifi nearly everywhere in the city so you could just look for a nice café to sit in. Coworking spaces are not common in Luxembourg city, they do have some spots but not in the city center.