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Our Materials: Organic Cotton

Organic cotton eliminates the use of toxic and other persistent chemicals. It improves soil health and increases water conservation. All of these qualities make it a better crop for the environment, for the farmers, and for their communities, but also a much HEALTHIER CHOICE for your skin.

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On Wardrobe Archaeology & New Year’s Resolutions.

With 2020 in the house, we asked Elementum founder and designer Daniela Pais to share with us her thoughts about the new year and reflect with us on January, the time for new beginnings. She took us back to her back, to the start of 2007 and to the beginning of Elementum - her Master's thesis 'Clothing Species'.

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A Conscious City Guide To Lisbon

In a colourful palette and beautiful tiles, Lisbon rolls out its typical streets and endows you with easy enjoyment, letting you wander its beautiful limestone cobbled streets to discover every corner of the city. Effortlessly beautiful and warmly welcoming, Lisbon’s long history and conscious modernizing make it a serene and inspiring European Capital. 

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