Our materials: Hemp

Why we believe is good for you

At Elementum, we simply love fabrics that are made from the Hemp plant. It has a very long history as it has been used and cultivated for the past thousands of years all over the world. This is no wonder since it is one of the most durable natural fibers in the world, and since it can easily be blended into amazing fabrics that combining the strength of hemp with other qualities like the softness of cotton, or wool for example. 

Garments made of hemp are incredibly good for the skin as the fabric is breathable and can protect from UV rays. It’s also suitable for allergy sufferers as it is antimicrobial. It will keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. 

Hemp is a fabric that beautifully resembles linen while incorporating all its beneficial qualities making clothes last longer and withstand harsh conditions.

Why we believe is sustainable

Let’s start off with the fact that producing hemp fabric can leave minimum to no waste as every single part of the plant can be used as a raw material. Its cultivation is also extremely sustainable as it requires a relatively small amount of land, with the ratio of producing double the fiber yield per hectare when compared with cotton. 

Hemp grows so densely that it makes it impossible for competing plants and weeds to grow. Which means that no chemicals are necessary and as it reduces pests no pesticides are needed as well. Another way in which hemp contributes to the soil health is by and even improves the soil condition.

Last but not least, the water that hemp requires is 50% less for a season than the quantity that it takes to grow cotton making it one of the most sustainable fabrics in existence.

Why we believe our Suppliers

Ecological textiles is 16 years old company based in Roermond, Netherlands. We met the owner Marita long ago when we were still based in The Netherlands and kept in touch since then. Marita has always been committed to supply the best quality and sustainable fabrics.

Her company has the following certifications: GOTS Global Organic Textile Standard. (no GMO, no harmful chemicals, no child labour, no dyes or inks that have been classified as allergenic). 

Elementum pieces are designed as relationships. It is important to share with you all the connections they have, so that your relationship with your Elementum pieces will be as positive, slow, enjoyable and meaningful as it can be.

If you want to know more about our production and the materials we use check here or email us at contact@elementum.store we will be happy to give you more information.  

* Main Source C.E.L.C. Masters of Linen.