Our Materials: Linen

Why we believe is good for you

At Elementum we know that the long fibers of the linen plant make linen fabric extremely robust, tear proof and durable in terms of maintaining its shape for a long time. The thick strands that it carries contribute to its distinctive texture and to the beautiful natural colors in which it comes.

Linen can withstand high temperatures thanks to its breathable nature, making it perfect for the summer months when it will bring you a cooling effect as it traps very little air between its fibers. It is highly moisture absorbent but unlike other fabrics doesn’t hold bacteria and its dirt repellent, making it perfect for allergy suffers. 

And you don’t even have to worry too much of how you store it as it is naturally moth resistant. And we cannot miss to mention the fact that over time it just gets softer more pliable and just gets better after every wash. You can use a linen piece forever!

Why we believe Linen is sustainable

Linen is made from the oldest cultivated plant in the world the so-called flax plant, which also happens to be extremely versatile as every part of it can be used for the creation of a worthwhile product. This results in little to no waste making it cost effective.

Flax’s resilience makes it possible to grow it in poor soil which is not suitable for food production and what’s more it can even rehabilitate polluted soil. It has high carbon absorption rate and compared to other natural fabrics such as cotton and uses less resources such as water, energy, fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides. When compared to cotton flax also has a lower toxicity risk for the aquatic systems.

At Elementum Collection we are using only natural color of linen and white linen, which we love, but it also saves on the dying process and facilitates de biodegradability of the fabric.

Why we believe our Suppliers

RCS LINHOS is a company based in Braga, Portugal. RCS LINHOS are distinctive as they are one of the few linen weavers left in Portugal. They work on a small scale producing around 300 meters a day with 12 people working in the factory managed by Sr. Oscar.  


Elementum pieces are designed as relationships. It is important to share with you all the connections they have, so that your relationship with your Elementum pieces will be as positive, slow, enjoyable and meaningful as it can be.

If you want to know more about our production and the materials we use check here or email us at contact@elementum.store we will be happy to give you more information.  

* Main Source C.E.L.C. Masters of Linen.