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Miguel Neto and Paula Violante: Atelier 19B

A little while ago we visited our friends Miguel Neto and Paula Violante, both inspiring and amazing ceramists,  for an autumn photoshoot in their studio. We wanted to learn a bit more about them, their inspirations, their work and may be a little more about the connection between fashion and ceramics. Enjoy.

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Behind our prints...

Our prints represent the coming together of colours, textures and shapes through sustainable methods. We don't use any harmful inks or chemicals, and we are happy that our garments are not harmful to humans or the environment. Today we want to share the story of our prints: How we create and make them, an artistic and DIY process of expression and spontaneity.   Serigraphy Serigraphy is a combination of two Greek words seicos (silk) and graphos (writing). In our prints, we use eco-friendly inks and sustainable screen printing practices. Usually, screen printing involves placing a fine mesh screen. The frame which holds the mesh could be made of diverse materials, such as wood or aluminium, depending on the sophistication of the machine...

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